VerticalX ® Vertical Lifeline

A vertical lifeline with dedicated shuttle for safety of existing stairs. 

Advantages of the system

  • High standards of ergonomics and safety 
  • Immediate security lock   
  • 6kN energy absorber 
  • Project flexibility
  • High performance materials
  • Ten-year product warranty   

VerticalX ® is a flexible lifeline dedicated to the safety of stairs and vertical passages. The system is designed according to the best ergonomic and safety standards; the particular geometry of the terminal and intermediate supports allows the fluid and precise passage of the dedicated sliding shuttle, whose engagement and exit can be carried out exclusively in well-defined points defined in the design phase of the system.

Furthermore, in the event of an accidental fall of the operator, VerticalX ® is equipped with an immediate safety lock. The system is mainly installed on existing ladders, but a wide range of standard and special supports allows the application directly on load-bearing structures.  


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