Securing an existing ladder 

Securing an existing staircase through the application of rail or vertical lifeline. 


If the building subject to intervention is already equipped with an access ladder on the roof and only requires the adaptation to the law to allow safe access for operators, Genesi by Somain Italia offers a series of systems, vertical lifelines and rails, designed and developed to be installed on any type of staircase.  

Our systems are certified and tested according to the latest regulations and comply with the strictest European and international standards.  

The rail solution combined with the dedicated sliding shuttle allows the operator to travel the entire height of the ladder, even if in several sections, without ever disconnecting from the rigid system.  

A final portion, also called landing, is composed of a section of curved rail and allows the operator to land on the roof while remaining connected, passing easily to the fall arrest system provided on the walking surface at height, be it an anchor point, a lifeline or other system.  

Vertical X ® vertical lifeline system on rope has the same functionality as the rail system, differing in the structural type, precisely on the rope. 

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