Securail ® Rails

Lifeline on rail ideal for applications with no arrow. 


Advantages of the system

  • Non-deformable system
  • Use with multiple operators simultaneously
  • Reduced management costs
  • High product durability
  • Ergonomics
  • Lightness
  • Modularity
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Certifications according to the strictest sector regulations
  • Verification test of successful installation in a workmanlike manner

Securail® is a “D” type rail anchoring device, ideal for the safety of operators engaged in work for which it is necessary to eliminate the deflection due to the presence of reduced air tie rods.  

It is particularly suitable for use within industrial areas, such as on the runways of overhead cranes, or under hangars and canopies.  

The device consists of an extruded aluminum profile to be fixed, using special brackets positioned every 3 meters, to the wall, ceiling or floor.  

Securail® allows the anchoring of 4 operators equipped with a sliding trolley through which to connect their PPE. 



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