Fall arrest systems for the safety of operators carrying out work ai height

The advantages of the systems

  • Maximum levels of ergonomics and safety
  • High versatility
  • Lightness
  • Modularity
  • Simplicity and speed of installation
  • High performance materials
  • Certifications according to the strictest sector regulations
  • CE marking

The fall arrest systems by Genesi by Somain Italia are the best the market can offer for the protection of operators working at height.

These systems have been developed and designed to offer performance, manoeuvrability and versatility and accompanied by a complete range of accessories capable of satisfying any application requirement with the best ergonomic and safety results.

The team of specialized technicians Genesi also works on the creation of ad hoc carpentry on specific project, aimed to optimize the use of individual systems in multiple applications within the site.


All fall arrest devices are certified according to the EN 353-1 standard, unlike the cage ladders, which comply with the European standard EN ISO14122-4: 2004 + A1: 2010.

To increase the safety of operators when using a cage ladder, the installation of a vertical rope or rail fall arrest system [EN 353-1] is recommended.

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Aluminum ladder with integrated rail
for anchoring the operator by means of a sliding trolley
In order to guarantee complete protection from the risks of falling.

EN 353-1

Securail MastLadder


Peg ladder with Integrated Rail
suitable for securing vertical accesses
that have small areas.

EN 353-1

Cage Ladders


Ladder with aluminum cage
for securing vertical accesses in order to avoid
the operator falling towards the outside.

EN ISO14122-4:2004 + A1:2010

Securing an exiting ladder


Solutions for securing of pre-existing scales
with integration of a rail or a vertical lifeline.

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