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Fall arrest harnesses for all types of work at risk of falling, a wide range of products for both occasional and professional use.

Genesi by Somain Italia offers professional harnesses and accessories with the best performance in terms of strength and reliability, each equipped with straps with different colors to facilitate dressing and precise adjustments for the best adaptability to the body.

To choose the harness that best suits the user’s needs, it is necessary to consider several variables:

  • Lightness
  • Practicality
  • Comfort
  • Type of work to be done
  • Body structure of the user

The Genesi by Somain Italia harnesses comply with the EN 361 standard.



Genesi Academy was created to provide information, training in accordance with the law, at our facilities or directly by the customer, for those who have to carry out work at height, on ropes and in confined spaces.

Course dedicated to 3rd category PPE, to be able to operate correctly at height and especially in emergency management




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Genesi Academy

Theoretical / practical course lasting 8 hours. 

Risk situations in temporary work at height and good practices for mitigating risk situations are examined. 

In the practical part, situations of movement at height in normal activity and in emergency are simulated.



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