610mm Davit Arm
with Manhole Collar

Especially designed to fit manhole collars confined space access points,
available in various diameters and tillable version with different angles.

System advantages

– Wide range of diameters, from 406mm to 1118mm
– Special collars with inclination up to 30°
– Complete anodization of the optional system (pharmaceutical and/or food industry)
– High performance
– Great versatility
– Compatibility with most retractable systems on the market
– Ergonomics and ease of use
– Speed and total safety in the access and recovery phases;
– Easy transport, thanks to sturdy and lightweight materials;
– Quick and easy installation, the system is assembled in a few minutes;
– Compact size
– 2 year warranty

This special system configuration is particularly indicated in food applications and in all situations requiring access from above to confined spaces through manholes.
The Genesi confined space catalogue offers a wide range of collars, available in different diameters and with different inclinations. If there are several entries with different inclinations in a single site, the Genesi confined space collar with adjustable inclination provides the ideal solution for universal use of the system.


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