Vertical Entries_

Workers’ protection in confined spaces with vertical entries.

  • Two-man rating on all systems, in compliance of TS16415:2013
  • The only davit arm system on the market, with 2400 mm reach arm, certified under the latest standard EN795:2012
  • Universal self-supporting manhole guard system, also for outdoor use. Guarantees greater stability than any tripod
  • Compatible with different brands of retractable fall arresters and winches
  • Versatility: the Xtirpa™ range can be adapted to any requirement for the protection of workers operating in confined spaces
  • Possibility to eliminate the risk of hanging man
  • High performance
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Lightness and ease of assembly
  • Reduced sizes
  • Wide range of sockets and accessories
  • Ergonomics and operating simplicity with the retractable fall arrester
  • 2 year warranty

The confined space systems by Genesi by Somain Italia are the best the market can offer for the protection of operators working in confined spaces and/or suspected pollution, with vertical access. These systems have been designed and developed to offer performance, manoeuvrability and versatility and accompanied by a complete range of accessories capable of satisfying any application requirement with the best ergonomic and safety results.

The team of specialized technicians Genesi also works on the creation of ad hoc carpentry on specific project, aimed to optimize the use of individual systems in multiple applications within the site.

The systems are certified in accordance to the new EN 795:2012 standard, with a static test requirement of 12 kN, unlike the previous EN 795:1996 which foresaw 10 kN.

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2400mm Davit Arm


1200mm Davit Arm


610mm Davit Arm with
Manhole Collar


610 mm Davit Arm
with Stabilizer


610mm Davit Arm with
“H” Base on Wheels


610mm Davit Arm witth
Self Supporting Manhole Guard


610 mm Davit Arm with
Adjustable Barrel Mount Sleeves


610mm Davit Arm
with Fixed Sockets


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