A great Goal, a new beginning_

“Essere il braccio che salva la vita e protegge i sogni di chi lavora”

Somain Italia has been working at the highest level for more than ten years, keeping and satisfying the increasingly harder requirements in the field of safety.

Genesi was born from the desire to transfer to the industrial market the sum of experience, professionalism and skills acquired over the years by our team, putting the customer at the center of the project.
Today, the competitive paradigm requires solidity and rapidity of action, which means to have the ability to offer continuous innovation, confirming every day the reputation gained over time.

Listening to the needs on time allows us to design tailor-made solutions, supporting the client from the risk assessment stage to the final certification’s issue.

Choosing Genesi by Somain Italia means entrusting the safety of those who work in risky environments to an excellent, expert and reliable partner.