Vision, Mission and Corporate Values_

“To be the arm that save workers’ lives and protect their dreams

Inspired by values such as the centrality of human life, passion for innovation and the dissemination of safety awareness, Genesi by Somain Italia has a clear intrinsic Vision for its employees, for all business areas and roles, for its collaborators, services and in its products: “To be the arms that save workers’ lives and protect their dreams”.

The Genesi by Somain Italia mission is: To protect and implement solutions that safeguard people’s lives. To disseminate awareness of the right to work safely, to allow employees to return home safe and sound every day.

Genesi Italia believes in these values:

In reliability, which means constantly responding to commitments made, knowing how to organise and complete our work on time respecting regulations, objectives, methods and processes.

In respect, which means safeguarding corporate assets and defending strategic choices, taking care of people, their ideas, needs, and also their time.

In competence, which means being constantly brought up-to-date, trained and ready to respond to the needs of our customers, quickly and comprehensively.

In challenges, which means setting ambitious goals and being forward-looking. Searching for new objectives and overcoming difficulties in order to continue to grow.

In excellence, which means going beyond the needs of the customer. Continuously improving to ensure high levels of quality. Not leaving anything to chance.

In communication, which means kNowing how to listen and ask questions, giving and asking for feedback. Knowing how to share information clearly and concisely, choosing the most effective and appropriate method.