AluX Rail ® Rails

Non-deformable lifeline for the protection of up to 4 operators.


Advantages of the system

  • Non-deformable system
  • Use with multiple operators simultaneously
  • Use in suspended work
  • ATEX certified
  • Reduced management costs
  • High product durability
  • Ergonomics
  • Lightness
  • Modularity
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Certifications according to the strictest sector regulations
  • Verification test of successful installation in a workmanlike manner

Alux Rail® is a versatile fall arrest device that uses different trolleys or baskets, for restraining, fall arrest, suspension, double rope or baskets for one or two operators.  

The rigid system consists of an extruded aluminum alloy profile to ensure lightness, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength suitable for the various possible uses.  

AluX Rail® is also suitable for protection against falls from heights in suspended works, EN 1808 “Suspended platforms at variable levels” for use with baskets, and meets ATEX criteria for use in environments with risk of explosion in zone 1.  

AluX Rail® is the ideal solution in cases where there is the need to secure linear paths or routes without structures to anchor a lifeline, including situations typically outside buildings such as loading bays and vehicle unloading areas. 


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