Slide Elegance and design, for a range of products with excellent performance!! Safety turns Genesi Blue! NEW Confined Spaces Catalog Slide A range of solutions for confined spaces Safety turns Genesi Blue! Discover more Slide AEREPlus,
Blue or White?_
The Genesi AerePlus filtering half-mask has exceeded the requirements of the technical standard EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 (class FFP2 NR), is a Third Category PPE compliant with Regulation 2016/425 and is CE 0068 marked.
Slide Didn't make it to the fair, visit our virtual booth! Click Here Slide We design and manufacture
solutions that protect
People's life_
Personal and collective
fall protection systems
For all types of environments.
Slide Safety for
confined Space_
Risk assessment, design and
installation of the most
suitable protection systems.
Slide Information and
training courses_
Training for access and rescue
for work at height, confined spaces
and rope access.
A dedicated structure of 5,000
square meters entirely dedicate
to theoretical and practical training.
Slide Genesi Academy
La prima accademia
per la tua Sicurezza
Scopri il mondo Genesi Academy
dedicato alla formazione.
Corsi base DPI di 3a categoria,
corsi per accesso e soccorso
in ambiente confinato e formazione
con rilascio di attestato
IRATA di 3° livello.

Somain italia is care and protection of workers,
this is the philosophy on any project we develop.

A commitment that connects Somain Italia team and our suppliers of raw materials or services.
Those who rely on us, choose us because we do not just sell a finished product but real solutions, answers that lead to the development of the best protection systems for the safety of workers.



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Safety turns Blue Genesi!

It has been 8 years since we began our journey to discover the best solutions to protect workers engaged in activities in confined spaces. 


Discover our product range comfortably from home or from your workplace. FREE SUBSCRIPTION This webinar is meant to explore our complete range of lifelines and anchor points, focusing on their reference regulations and peculiarities. 


SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. We did react and organize ourselves, starting on Monday 30th March 2020, we will be able to grant most of our services in accordance with the government decree as follows:


A unique safety Accademy!

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